Level 3 Diploma in Health - Clinical Healthcare Support

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  • Length: 12 months
  • Day/Time: Flexible
  • Delivered in Workplace
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This course replaces the NVQ Level 3 Health Award, it provides evidence of competence in delivering care within a range of ward and community based settings.

Course Content

Choose one pathway based on current job role from either: Clinical Healthcare Support. Candidates need to achieve 65 credits to complete the course. Candidate will be allocated an assessor who visits the work setting every 3 weeks. Candidates need to work through 12 mandatory units plus optional knowledge units and competency units.

Twelve mandatory units:

  • Engage in personal development
  • Promote communication
  • Promote equality and inclusion
  • Promote and implement health and safety
  • Principles of safeguarding
  • Promote person centred approaches
  • The role of the health and social care worker
  • Promote good practice in handling information
  • The principles of infection prevention and control
  • Causes and spread of infection
  • Cleaning, decontamination and wasted management
  • Principles for implementing duty of care

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry age is 19 for this course. There are no formal entry criteria. Interview in workplace required to ascertain candidate's job role. Candidates must be working in a healthcare setting eg ward or community based.


Aged 19 to 23 - You may be eligible for full fee remission, meaning there is nothing for you to pay. Contact us to find out if this applies to you. If you have to pay, you can spread the cost by paying in instalments.

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Method of Assessment

Written work, observation of work in the setting to demonstrate competence and professional discussion with tutorials in the work setting.


Foundation degree.

Start Date and Course Code

  • Flexible
  • Course Code: MXEL208


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