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Our Approach

We want to ensure that every learner who studies with us achieves well. We are passionate about student development and want to provide the best resources and facilities that we can to ensure you succeed, regardless of your grades. We will encourage you to achieve your best and help you build confidence as you fulfill your potential. We promote an adult learning environment where you work with your teachers to manage your learning. You will have deadlines, homework and timetabled lessons, and will be expected to use your free time responsibly. 

Digital Learning

We offer a different way of learning, which is more than just classroom-based learning. Our lecturers use creative digital tools such as Google Classroom, online quizzes, YouTube videos, surveys on your phones and much more to make your course as engaging as possible, and to suit your learning style.

Our dedicated BCoT Digital team work alongside our lecturers to integrate digital skills and technology into the classroom, so students learn in an active way that suits them. 

Who we are

BCoT Digital are an innovative, exciting team of creative specialists with experience working in creative media. Working collaboratively with our staff, BCoT Digital help create engaging, relevant and meaningful lessons for students that use technology to bring learning to life.

Digital Innovations Specialist: Scott Hayden
Manager, Director, Videographer and Media Lecturer who supports the team by guiding them to new creative resources and projects with business and other colleges.

Learning Technologists: Holly Hunt, Sky Caves and Charlie Lecuyer
Research, advise and implement educational technology to over eighty vocational courses.

Learning Facilitators: Wendy Hammond, Sam Wright, Bradley Phillips and Grazyna Gardner
Responsible for delivering the blended content that is set by teaching staff, they help students complete the work as well as offering digital support and guidance. They are responsible for managing the class and are praised for the pastoral care and support they offer.

Digital Leaders
A group of students who have excellent digital skills and knowledge, working closely with Scott to enhance teaching and learning.

What we do

Our mission statement is that we do not use technology for the sake of it. We only use it if it makes an impact to teaching and learning. It must be relevant, meaningful and give teachers back their time.

Our aims include:

  • To receive constant feedback from staff and students to improve the delivery of content
  • Give time to teachers to try out new tools
  • Offer a support system made up of qualified creative digital experts
  • Get staff sharing and collaborating to improve practice.
  • Being lead by the staff and pedagogy

Resources and equipment

As well as EdTech Compass and the BCoT Digital website, within BCoT students have access to:

  • Entire Google Suite (including Google Drive, Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites)
  • 3D scanner
  • 360 camera
  • 4k cameras
  • Google Cardboard
  • Virtuali-tee
  • Graphics tablets

Awards and Successes

In 2018, BCoT Digital scored a hat-trick of awards including:

  • TES FE Award 2018 for 'Outstanding use of technology for improving teaching, learning and assessment'
  • Leading college and one of only three UK colleges in the Edtech50
  • Officially accredited as a Google Reference School

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an hour session every week, where students come in to complete tasks and research that will develop their independent, collaborative and professional skills.

  • Students use Google Classroom as a tool that allows them to access weekly tasks where they can upload/add and turn in work - this is then marked digitally by the course owner.
  • Learning Facilitators run the sessions in order to keep students focused on the task, as well offering support when using new digital tools.
  • Tasks are set by the course owner, and should reflect the learning that has been taught in normal session with that lecturer.
  • Tasks and activities are set for Blended Learning so that more teaching can be accomplished in class - these tasks usually should be able to be accomplished independently or in groups.
  • Tasks will aim to use prominently ICT skills, as well as English and Maths, to embed research and professional skills.

Industry has a rapid demand for more digital skills so Blended Learning aims to help develop those skills. Through a flexible and enjoyable learning experience - both online and on campus - our ultimate ambition is to help students achieve theirs.

If you are a college or employer and would like to find out more or contact the BCoT Digital team, please visit the BCoT Digital website for more information and downloadable resources.

Industry Links and Work Experience

As part of your course, you may undertake work experience with a business in your chosen field. Work experience provides a great opportunity for you to get a taste of working life and see where your course could take you. It will improve your understanding of your course, and teach you a range of employability skills.

We work with a range of employers to make sure you get the best opportunities. You will hear from guest speakers about career opportunities, the latest technologies and how they got into the industry. Some of our course areas are also linked with highly regarded companies in their industries such as Sandown Mercedes Benz (Automotive), IMechE – Institute of Mechanical Engineers (Engineering) and Mike Taylor Education (Barbering).


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