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Car Maintenance for Beginners

Part Time

Course Overview

This course will be of interest to you if you need to have or would like a better understanding of the systems within a car, or simply to develop your confidence in looking after your vehicle.

On completion you will be able to identify different systems and components within a car and have a basic understanding of how they work.

Course Content

Every week we will look at a different part of the car and will include a practical task for you to complete. Systems to be covered to a basic standard. There will be theory and practical which will be carried out on college vehicles or systems.

Wk 1: Health & Safety; PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); general layout of the vehicle, carry out basic checks and safe use of car jack and axle stands.
Wk 2: Engines, basic layout, construction and operation of a basic 4 stroke cycle and general terminology.
Wk 3: Ignition and Fuelling systems: identify general layout of systems and components. Remove, check and refit components.
Wk 4: Cooling systems: function of system and description of components. Remove, check and refit components. {BCoT}
Wk 5: Wheels and Tyres: remove wheel from car and replace with spare. Identify tyre markings and possible faults. Carry out basic maintenance (checking pressure and tyre tread depth).
Wk 6: Brakes: identify the layout and operation of disc and drum brake systems; remove and refit brake pads; identify basic faults.
Wk 7: Transmission: identify different transmission layouts (4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive (front/rear wheel drive)); identify components and carry out basic checks.
Wk 8: Electrical systems: lights; starting system and charging system basics - remove & refit bulbs and battery.

Entry Requirement

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of vehicle systems and will develop your confidence in basic car maintenance.

No formal qualification is needed but an interest in knowing more about how a car works.


Informal Assessment

Where does this course lead to

Car Maintenance for Improvers

How to Enrol

You can enrol directly onto this course if you have the entry requirements noted above.

If you would like to enrol but do not have the entry requirements please email with your contact details or telephone 01256 306484.


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Course Outline

Course Code: XEBL018
Study Mode: Part Time
Location: Basingstoke
Duration: 8 Weeks
Start Date: 23/04/2020,
Day & Time: Thu 6pm to 9pm
Tuition Fees: £145.00
Unemployment Benefit
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