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Emily Evans

Emily Evans

Level 3 Early Years

"The course was really varied and interesting. I am so happy I chose to study at BCoT."

Former Early Years student Emily Evans is now training at the world famous college, Norland.  Here she gives an insight into her training and why she has chosen to train as a Nanny

What made you choose to study to study Early Years at BCoT?

I chose BCoT as they provided the Level 3 Early Years course that would allow me to gain a recognised qualification to work in the Early Years sector if I decided that was for me.  It would also allow me to take my studies further if I decided I wanted to go on to university.

How did you find the course?

I found it really varied and interesting. The placement helped me to put into practice what I was being taught in lessons. I also had amazing support from my lecturers throughout my time at college.  

Did you always want to be a nanny?

I have always wanted to work with children however I didn't know which area would suit me. Once I began working with children I realised that being a private nanny would suit me best.

When did you decide to apply to train as a Norland Nanny?

When I saw their Documentary on television. I had decided that the nursery environment wasn't suited to me but that I would rather work closely within a family unit and have the continuity of a family environment.  However I wasn’t sure how to follow up my ambition until I saw the Norland documentary on television. I then decided that I wanted to attend Norland and have the best training I could have.

What was the interview process like – how involved was it?

Every applicant that is predicted to meet the entry requirements is given an interview. In the interview, the academic team were keen to understand my passion for working with children and the experience I had to date. I had to prepare a presentation about my experience with children and then had a 1:1 to further discuss my personal statement.

How are you getting on now? Is it what you expected?

Each of the three years is divided into two semesters; half of each semester is spent in college and the other half in an early year’s placement. The placements have been valuable to help understand the relationship between theory and practice and be able to build a further understanding. It is an amazing experience and I have made many friends. There is a strong family atmosphere within the College.

How long is the training?

The BA (Hons) Early Years Development and Learning degree is a three year course that combines theoretical study with practical sessions and experience with children, enabling me to put the theory into practice. Running alongside the degree, and for one year after I have left the college, I will work towards achieving the prestigious Norland Diploma. It is a qualification that will set me apart from other early years professionals.

Do you think your course at BCoT helped prepare you for Norland? How?

The course at BCoT gave me a basic understanding of Early Years, and helped me to understand what I would be expecting when I started at Norland.

So what are your dreams for the future?

I’m in my first year of college with two years left of studying. Then I’ll be on my newly qualified nanny (NQN) year, which is the final step in achieving the Norland Diploma. The NQN year is a paid year of work in the UK, supported by the college, and once completed I will have numerous employment opportunities across the world. Norland has its own in-house agency which has a 100% employment record for our graduates.

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