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Sports Massage - Level 5 VTCT Certificate

Higher Education

Course Overview

The Level 5 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy course is designed to provide experienced Practitioners currently working in Sport and Active Leisure, including Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Sports Massage Practitioners with the requisite understanding and complex skills and techniques to work as an Advanced Sports Massage Practitioner.

Advanced Practitioners will be equipped to work with clientele ranging from Recreational Sport and Active Leisure enthusiasts to professional sports persons and elite athletes.

Course Content

Whilst enrolled upon the Level 5 course you will study two units:

  • Conducting complex assessments for Sports Massage
  • Provide complex sports massage techniques for Sports Massage

Unit components include:

  • Understanding neurological presentations
  • Understanding and assessing sport specific posture and gait
  • Principles and practice of complex assessment methods for sports massage 
  • Conducting and applying complex assessment methods for sports massage 
  • Devising treatment plans 
  • Aftercare 
  • Understanding evidence based practice 
  • Evaluation of research 

Within these units you will learn a range of tools including: Subjective, Range of movement (Active, Passive),  Resisted (Isometric), Postural analysis and Special tests (Ligamentous, Neural).  Techniques will include:  Positional release, Active isolated stretching, Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), Muscle energy technique (MET): Post isometric relaxation; reciprocal inhibition; isokinetic contraction; Isolytic contraction, Positional release, Strain/counterstrain, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular technique, Active isolated stretching, Passive stretching, Mobilisations and articulations. 

Entry Requirement

You will need a Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage qualification.

You will also need to be in good health, since the course involves a practical component.


  • On going practical assessments and oral questioning
  • A completed Log Book which details sports massage treatments on five clients with evidence of consultations and assessments
  • Final practical exam with oral questioning (viva)
  • Two Written assignments: Conduct a Review on Research Undertaken on Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy and - Research and Critically Evaluate Complex Assessment Techniques. 

Learners will also accumulate a portfolio of evidence of learning, a useful tool for later reference.

Where does this course lead to

Once qualified, students would be able to apply for positions within Elite Sport. With a growing number of massage therapists now being employed to meet the demands of Elite level sport, there are opportunities in sports such as rugby, American football, football and more that could see you working with professional athletes on a full time basis.

How to Enrol

You can enrol directly onto this course if you have the entry requirements noted above.

If you would like to enrol but do not have the entry requirements please email information@bcot.ac.uk with your contact details or telephone 01256 306484.


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Course Outline

Course Code: JPBC017
Study Mode: Higher Education
Location: Basingstoke
Start Date: 16/01/2020
Day & Time: Thu 9.30am to 4.30pm
Duration: 10 Weeks
Tuition Fees: £811.00
Registration Fees: £105.00
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