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  • 10 Apr 2015BCoT host Women into Technology Conference

    BCoT proudly hosted its first Women into Technology Conference which gave female students from local schools an insight to the variety of careers offered using engineering, technology, science or maths.

    The girls heard about the experiences of inspiring women from Virgin Media, Gillette and Southampton Solent University. They spoke about the variety of jobs available, different ways to get into a career and the skills that women can bring to these roles.

    The speakers at the conference were joined on a panel by representatives from AWE and the Royal Institute of British Architects. The expert panel received a number of insightful questions from the pupils which further explored Engineering and Technology.

    Guests also had the opportunity to take part in a number of practical activities including: Forensic Science, Engineering, The Built Environment, Automotive and Computer Science. These taster sessions allowed the girls to have a go at putting some technical skills into practice in these career areas.

    Emma Thomas, a former BCoT student and Warwick University graduate who is now a Senior Support Engineer at Virgin Media, was the key note speaker at the conference. She was delighted to play her part in encouraging more women to consider careers in technology-based subjects.  She said “I wanted to give the girls some food for thought and start them thinking about their futures and the options they have. This conference has allowed them to see how varied Engineering really is whilst starting to breaking down the barriers that may be stopping them from considering this career path.  I really enjoy my job and hope I’ve shared that with them.”

    Claire Sutton, Marketing Manager at BCoT who organised the event, said:

    “Statistics still show that fewer women are applying to science and technology careers than men. We wanted to organise an event that inspired young ladies to consider these options and to hear, first hand, the myths and realities of what it can be like. The Conference gave the girls a chance to network with women of all ages and at different points in their careers who are successful and passionate about what they do. I’m so pleased that all the girls said that they’d learnt from the day and had tried something they had never done before!”

  • 08 Apr 2015Students take part in 'Upcycling' workshop

    Fashion Retail students at BCoT took part in a ‘Garment Upcycling’ workshop run by London-based stylist Sarah Cook.  The aim of the session was to create an up-to-date look with clothing purchased from local charity shops.

    During the workshop, Fashion Retail students worked alongside their Art and Design peers to update their designs using a range of techniques including fabric printing, embellishing and embroidery.  They were also shown how to put coatings on garments and use basic sewing skills to give a fresh and up-to-date look.

    Stylist Sarah Cook was impressed with the effort and enthusiasm shown by the students, saying:

    “My purpose in this workshop is to push the students to explore their creativity and encourage them to see their garments as a concept rather than a finished product at this stage. We are also helping them to refine their ideas so they have a real vision of what they are working towards. This is a great opportunity for students to try something they’ve never done before and take them out of their comfort zone.”

    One of the students taking part in the workshop was Emily Busby. She said the experience really tapped into her creative side, saying:

    “I have really enjoyed taking something old and updating it by using zips and joining two other garments together for a whole new look.  It’s great working with the Art and Design students as I’m learning lots of new skills from them which I never thought I could do!”

    Students will take part in several more workshops and by the end of the project, will produce on-trend outfits ready to model at the annual Fashion Shows held at the College. Their work will also be judged by industry experts, including Sarah Cook.

    Sarah Gallagher, Fashion Retail lecturer at BCoT added:

    “This styling project offers fantastic opportunities for students to use their creativity and industry knowledge to create designs which consumers want to buy. They are benefitting from a cross-college collaboration with the Art and Design team and also gaining invaluable input from industry-expert Sarah Cook.  Once they have completed their upcycled garments, students will have the opportunity to organise their own photo-shoot and sell their products in college or online.

    These new skills can then be used in the students’ Final Major Project which decides the final grade on the Level 3 Diploma in Fashion Retail.  The more skills the students can develop the more successful they will be in making the next step into the Level 4 Diploma in Fashion Retailing which is a new and exciting course we have introduced to meet the growing needs of the Fashion industry.”

  • 06 Apr 2015Interview with lecturer Michael Oliver

    At BCoT, we believe that student success is determined by a team of highly qualified, industry-trained teachers who can share their knowledge and expertise with the young people they teach.

    Many lecturers at the College come straight from industry.  Occasionally they start as students and become so inspired by their experience at BCoT that they decide to embark on a teaching career.  This is what happened to Computer Science lecturer Michael Oliver (age 26) – here is his story:

    “I have to be honest, I had a fairly erratic start to my career. After my mum passed away when I was 16 I dropped out of college where I was studying A levels and went to work as a Sales Assistant at Next.  I progressed to Homeware Manager, but then following the birth of my son, I had a wake-up call and decided I needed to sort my life out and decide what I wanted to do with it.

    I enrolled at BCoT at the age of 21 on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Information Technology which is a two year course equivalent to three A levels. I completed the qualification in one year with distinctions gained in every unit.  I guess you could say I was determined!  I also re-sat my GCSE Maths and completed the first level of the teaching qualifications. It was a very busy year.

    Following BCoT, I went to Reading University to study a degree in Software Engineering.  I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the subjects I was studying and knew I was wasting my time.  After six months I left and started at BCoT as a sessional lecturer teaching Level 2 and 3 Computer Systems.

    I then went to Farnborough College of Technology to study for a Foundation Degree in Computing with Software Engineering whilst still teaching part-time at BCoT.  I successfully completed my studies and am now planning to do a top up degree through the Open University – oh, and I’m also doing a Diploma in Education and Training!

    So what inspired me to become a teacher at BCoT?  To be honest, it was all down to my first teacher at the College, Leigh Fuller, who is now Head of Computer Sciences. She had such a passion for teaching, with so much industry knowledge.  Nothing was too much trouble and she made time for every student. I guess Leigh taught me that everyone deserves a chance and that teaching really can enhance the life of a young person.”

    Leigh also speaks very highly of Michael, adding:

    “He is the only student who has ever bought me flowers when I told him he had to do more work! I marked 16 of Michael’s 18 assignments and he was the first student to achieve a triple distinction star and complete this two year level 3 course in one year. He is a benchmark for our current students and is an incredible young man who shows that you really can achieve anything in life if you are determined enough.”

    Michael is now an established part of the Computer Science teaching team at BCoT and has been accredited with Grade 1 Outstanding in his past two teaching observations.  He is now looking forward to inspiring and making a difference to the students he teaches, adding:

    “I know that a teacher can have a huge impact on young people and the paths they choose to take.  When my mum died I was on course to throw my life away.  However, I was stopped in my tracks when I came to BCoT and suddenly became inspired again. 

    I love the fact that you can walk into a classroom and students know nothing about the unit you are about to teach.  By the end of that lesson they are empowered with knowledge and understanding and that’s down to me.  I feel I’ve found my vocation in life and, if I can help other students along the way find theirs then I know I’m doing something right.”

  • 02 Apr 2015BCoT launches Sports Academy

    In an event at the Power League pitches at Brighton Hill School, BCoT officially launched its new Sports Academy, which will offer two options to potential students: the Sports, Performance and Coaching Academy and the Sport and Fitness Academy.  The new options will be available to students joining Level 3 Sports courses at the College from September 2015. 

    Head of Sport at BCoT, Gareth Yeomans, explained the decision to offer these two new pathways.  “As sport becomes an increasingly professional career choice, we felt it was important to ensure our courses reflect that skill-level and professionalism.  Our Football and Rugby Academies have been very popular and students joining the new Academy will still have the option to specialise in either sport alongside their qualifications if they wish.  However, we have created the new Sports Academy routes to reflect the technical nature of what a career in sport today really means.” 

    Alongside the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Sciences, a three A-level equivalent qualification, BCoT students will also get to complete two additional industry recognised qualifications;  FA and RFU Awards in Coaching, if they choose the Coaching Academy route, or a Certificate in Fitness Instructing and an Anthropometry qualification, if they choose the Fitness Academy route. 

    Current BCoT students are already proving their coaching abilities by working with pupils at Brighton Hill School.  PE Teacher and Head of Year, Mr Dan Du-heaume, thinks it’s an initiative that has had benefits all round. 

    "The team of academy coaches from BCoT have been a revelation this year, providing high quality and professionally run football coaching sessions for our year 7, 8 and 9 students. Our students have enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to next year. James Harvey and his team have delivered on every element of the initiative, and football at Brighton Hill looks in good hands for the future." 

    Students applying to join the Level 3 Sports courses at BCoT will be given the opportunity to join one of the new Academy routes, as will students who are progressing from BCoT’s Level 2 Diploma in Sport.  Applications are now open online at www.bcot.ac.uk  Individuals wishing to find out more are welcome to visit one of the College’s open evenings on 9th March or 18th May; further details are on the College website.


  • 01 Apr 2015College Announces Rebrand

    College to rename in honour of links with China

    Yes, OK, we were only joking - happy April Fools Day everyone!

    Basingstoke College has today announced a major rebranding to coincide with increased links with colleagues in China.

    Principal, Anthony Bravo, was pleased to confirm that the institution will be known as ‘Beijingstoke College of Technology’ in future, saying:

    “In recent years, we have been focusing on establishing links with China, both in terms of recruiting students and sharing our expertise.  This work has been paying off; we have our first Chinese students on courses with us this year, we have appointed an agent in China, have hosted many Chinese visitors and numerous members of BCoT staff have travelled to China to train colleagues there.  Now seemed like the right time to make a public declaration of our strengthening links and so we are pleased to announce this renaming.”

    BCoT – the abbreviation will still work! – will continue to recruit the majority of its students locally but intends to take this change to heart with a Chinese theme running through many College activities.  For example, the Student Catering Manager is already negotiating a supply contract with an Oriental Catering Supplier in order to bring some ‘Eastern Promise’ to student meal times.

    Marketing Manager, Claire Sutton, explained how the change will come into effect.
    “Clearly a major rebranding like this will take some time to filter through everything that we as a College produce.  Initially, we will be concentrating on the more publicly visible spaces, with new signage going up around the College over the Easter break and the website being updated before the start of the Summer Term.  I’m also working on our new Prospectus – I think it will be the first time we’ve ever produced a Mandarin version as well as an English one!  It’s all very exciting!”

    Photo above: BCoT hosts a visit from Chinese Principals, September 2014


  • 26 Apr 2015Car Boot Sale

    We're hosting a car boot sale - come along and grab a bargain!


    Car Boot Sale

    Sunday 26th April

    8.30am – 2pm

    (set up for sellers from 7.30am)


    Want to come along and sell?

    Please book your pitch in advance with Richard on 01256 306359 or richard.wilkins@bcot.ac.uk

    £5 for a standard family car or £8 for a van


    Want to come along and buy?

    Just pop along!

    Entry fee – 50p per adult, children get in free

  • 27 Apr 2015Exhibition at Proteus

    BCoT Art Students will be showcasing some of their work in an exhibition at Basingstoke's Proteus Creation Space.

    The first year Art & Design students are completing a Level 3 Extended Diploma qualification and have produced artwork related to the exhibition's theme "Depictions of Life".

    Running from 25th April until 8th May, the exhibition is open to the public from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. Entry is free.
    For more details, please visit the Proteus website by clicking here.

    Poster artwork for the exhibition was a joint collaboration between students Rob Parfitt, who produced the images of the faces, and Olivia Buttivant, who produced the blue images behind.  Both are on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design.

  • 05 May 2015Football Trials

    Trials for those applying to join our Football Academy in September 2015

    The College is holding football trials at Down Grange Astroturf, Pack Lane, Basingstoke RG22 5SN.

    If you have applied or wish to apply to join our BTEC Level 3 Football Academy course, you will need to attend a trials session.

    Please contact our Football Academy Coordinator, Darryl Taphouse, to book your trial place: darryl.taphouse@bcot.ac.uk or call 01256 306413

    Our last trial date this year is Thursday 7th May.

    To read more about our Football Academy BTEC course, please click here.

  • 07 May 2015Football Trials

    Trials for those applying to join our Football Academy in September 2015

    The College is holding football trials at Down Grange Astroturf, Pack Lane, Basingstoke RG22 5SN.
    If you have applied or wish to apply to join our BTEC Level 3 Football Academy course, you will need to attend a trials session.

    Please contact our Football Academy Coordinator, Darryl Taphouse, to book your trial place: darryl.taphouse@bcot.ac.uk or call 01256 306413.

    Please note, this is our last trial date of the year.

    To read more about our Football Academy BTEC course, please click here.


  • 18 May 2015Open Evening

    success 2014Are you in Year 10 and starting to think about your options after school?

    Are you in Year 11 and still not decided where to go or what to do in September?

    Then why not come along to our Open Evening from 4.00-7.30pm where you can look around the College, chat to staff and students and find out more about the courses you are interested in.

    This is also a chance for you to learn more about A levels and our subsidised travel programme.


    To pre-register your place at this event, click here


    College Entrance

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