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Level 3 Gas Engineering Standards


Course Overview

This work based apprenticeship is ideal if you are working in, or want to work within, the Gas Industry. You will gain technical knowledge and practical experience to start your career. Gas engineering involves the safe installation, commission, decommission and the ongoing service and repair of gas appliances in either a domestic or non-domestic setting.  Appliances can include, but are not limited to, a range of work categories such as central heating boilers, unvented hot water storage, ducted air heaters, cookers, space heaters, meters, alternative fuel, boosters, testing and purging for industrial pipework. Gas engineering operates strictly within the requirements of health and safety legislation and roles within the gas engineering  industry are physical in nature, and may involve lifting and moving of equipment, working at heights and working in confined spaces.

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Course Outline

Course Code: AP19
Study Mode: Apprenticeship
Location: Basingstoke
Start Date: 01/08/2019
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