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Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Difficulties Level 2 Certificate

Part Time

Course Overview

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in, or who is already working with, people with learning disabilities.

This course will be ideal for you if you’re working within health or social care but may also be useful if you’re working in education or a housing support role. You can also take this qualification to support your progression into further learning within the Health and Social Care sector.

Developing knowledge of safeguarding and protection, personalisation in social care, positive risk taking and supporting people with learning disabilities will enable you to become more effective and confident in your role.

Learners will explore the principles of safeguarding and positive risk taking and gain awareness of the autistic spectrum.

Course Content

This qualification contains the following 6 mandatory units:

Unit 01 Understand the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities

You will explore the meaning of learning disability and consider issues closely linked with learning disability support. You’ll develop an awareness of how the attitudes and beliefs of others affect people who have learning disabilities. You’ll be introduced to themes covering inclusion, human rights, advocacy, empowerment and active participation, and will consider the central place of communication in working with people who have learning disabilities.

Unit 02 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

You will be introduced to the important area of safeguarding people from abuse. You’ll develop knowledge of different types of abuse, and the signs and symptoms that might indicate abuse is occurring. You’ll consider when people might be particularly vulnerable to abuse, and what you must do if abuse is suspected or alleged.

Unit 03 Introduction to personalisation in social care

You will understand how personalisation affects provision of social care services, and you’ll focus on the systems, skills and support needed to implement personalised provision.

Unit 04 Principles of positive risk taking for individuals with disabilities

You will develop your knowledge of positive risk taking and understand the importance of positive risk taking for people with learning disabilities. You’ll explore how to take a person-centred approach to enabling individuals to take risks and how to balance risk taking with duty of care.

Unit 05 Introductory awareness of autistic spectrum conditions

You will gain an introductory awareness on autistic spectrum conditions. You’ll develop knowledge and explore important themes such as individuality, communication, behaviour and person-centred support.

Unit 06 Principles of supporting individuals with a learning disability to access health care

You will develop the knowledge needed to enable you to contribute to supporting a person to access and use health care services.

Entry Requirement

You don’t need to have any specific prior learning requirements to take to gain this qualification, but you may find it helpful if you’ve already achieved a Level 1 qualification within the Health and Social Care area. You need to be at least 16 years old to take this qualification. Entry is at the discretion of the centre.

In order to complete this Distance Learning Course at no charge you will need to match the following entry criteria:

  • Are a resident of the EEU (European Economic Area) and have been for at least 3 years
  • Will be undertaking your learning within England
  • Are aged 19 or above
  • If you are 19-23 year olds you must have already achieved a level 2 qualification or equivalent
  • If you are 24+ there are no formal entry requirements for this course but you will find it helpful to have a good standard of English and Maths


This is a vocationally related QCF qualification with 143 guided learning hours. Within this time you can expect to be involved in formal learning activities which could include classes, tutorials or seminars. You’re expected to work independently, researching the subject and preparing for class-based activities.

100 per cent of this qualification focuses on developing your knowledge and understanding of the principles of working with people with learning disabilities.

This is a standalone qualification and is not part of an Apprenticeship Framework.

Where does this course lead to

Knowing how to support people with learning disabilities to access health care ensures you can support them to remain healthy and obtain the health care they need.

Successful completion will help support a number of job roles within the Health and Social Care sector, where you may be working with people with learning disabilities in your day-to-day role:

  • healthcare support service worker
  • clinical healthcare support worker
  • healthcare assistant
  • nursing assistant
  • health education/health promotion worker
  • care assistants/assistants/support workers in residential settings
  • health care assistants/support workers in community and primary care environments
  • health care assistants/support workers in acute health environments
  • care assistants/support workers/key workers in domiciliary services
  • care assistants/support workers/key workers in day services
  • personal assistants employed directly by the individual they support or their families.


Completion of the qualification may enable you to progress into the above job roles within the Health and Social Care sector, as a new entrant or as part of your ongoing career development.

You could also progress to the following Apprenticeships:

  • Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care
  • Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Health (Clinical Healthcare Support)
  • Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Health (Healthcare Support Services)


If you’re interested in progressing to further study at the next level of vocational learning the following qualifications are also available:

  • NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
  • Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  • Level 3 Certificate for Working in the Health Sector
  • Level 3 Certificate in Working with Individuals with Diabetes
  • Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support Services

How to Enrol

To find out more information please email distance.learning@bcot.ac.uk quoting the course reference, or to enrol now click the button below.


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Course Outline

Course Code: MDFL064
Study Mode: Part Time
Duration: 20 Weeks
Start Date: Anytime
Day & Time: Distance Learning
Basingstoke College of Technology I 2019